Rules & Regulations

St. Xavier's Rules & Regulations

These Rules are intended to create an environment which assists in the self-development of students. Enrollment in this school implies a willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the school on the part of the pupil and parents.

Since it is an English medium school, pupils are expected to speak only in English at all times, as a help to their academic progress in the subject, and to their acquisition of the requisite language skills.

Students should reach the school in time in neat and clean uniform and polished shoes, girls should make two pony and boys hair should be cut shorter and comb properly, and they should trim their nail at regular interval.

Bag should be arranged according to time table, and all the items required for study like Books, copies, pencil, pen, sharpener, geometry box, color pencils, dictionary, etc (as required for the day) must be available with the students else they can be sent out of the class.(Inspire the student to arrange their bag in the night only)

Home assignment must be done properly.

Students should carry their Tiffin box and water bottle with them,(it may not be accepted if send later)

If any notice or noting in the diary is sent by the teacher, Parents/Guardians must sign & return it, so that teacher can understand that the information has been conveyed to the Parents/Guardian and action must be taken on it.

Guardians should collect their ward immediately after school is over. It will not be possible on our part to check for all the students, whom with they are going.

Students are not allowed to leave the school campus before school gets over, without the prior permission of the Principal/concerned authorities.

Guardians are requested to carry the Guardians pass with them if they wish to enter the school premises for any reason.

Regularity is important but if any student is sick he/she should not be sent to school until he/she is fit.

If any student remains absent for 3 days or more than 3 days, an application duly signed by the Parents/Guardians should be sent to the School. In case of absenteeism is for less than 3 days it should be noted in diary and signed by the Parents/Guardians.

If any student remain absent for 2 months without any information, it will be deemed that he/she has left the school and his/her name shall be permanently removed from the school roll.

It is parents/Guardians duty to help the student in recovery of his/her study left due to absenteeism.

If any notice was circulated during absenteeism of the students it is parents duty to get information about it.

In case of any complain or suggestions Parents/Guardians are advised to meet the Principal only, they should not talk to the teachers or any staff member directly.

Parents/Guardians will be allowed to meet the Principal during meeting hrs. Fixed for it only.

Parents/Guardians must attend the parents teachers meet whenever organized, the school shall not entertain any tutor, relative or friend.

School follows C.B.S.E. Curriculum, and Academic year of the School is from April to March.

All the fees have been fixed for the academic year considering Sunday, Holiday and Vacations and divided into 12 monthly installments for convenience of the Guardians, hence no rebate for broken period or vacations are allowed.

School Fees are to be paid as per Fee schedule Guardians are advised to refer fee schedule before taking admission.

If school fees are due students will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

If the school fees are not paid within two months after due date (with late fine as per fee schedule) school will strike the name of the student of the roll and the student will not be allowed to attend the classes/appear in the examination till his/her Parents/Guardians deposit activation charges of Rs.300.00 (Rupees three hundred only) with other dues.

After striking the name activation shall be done within two months, after that name of the student will be permanently removed from the school roll.

All the fees paid are non-refundable.

All the fees pertaining to the academic session must be paid by the end of February, (As per fee schedule) failing to which child will not be allowed to appear in the final examinations to be held in the month of March.

Parents/Guardians behaviour must be decent with Principal, Teachers and all the staffs of the School.

Pupils are responsible for their own books, money and belongings, and are advised to keep them in a locked bag or case. Nothing of a valuable nature should be brought to school.

Possession of Mobile/Cellular phones/Ipods by students in the campus is strictly prohibited, and a fine of Rs.200/- will be imposed on offenders.

Students are not allowed to drive to school on two wheelers in anycondition. Strict action will be taken against students found guilty of parking vehicles in or around the school Premises.

No student will be allowed to come to school by self driven vehicle unless he/She is having a valid licence for it.

Students are not permitted to give personal gifts to teachers or staff members. Children are permitted to distribute only sweets/toffees on their birthdays.

Pupils are expected to walk on the left in corridors or staircases. When going from one class to another, they should walk in silence and in single file. Discipline must be maintained at all times.

All willful damage to school property must be remedied at the cost of the offender.

If any student’s attendance is not adequate for appearing in the examination he/she shall not be allowed to appear in the examination.

If any student fails to appear in any examination due to any reason, no re-test or exam shall be conducted and promotion of the student shall depend on aggregate percentage only as described in detail on the report card.

Parents/Guardians should not insist to promote a failed student to the next class.

A student will be detained only once in a particular class. If the student concerned does not make substantial improvement to be promoted to the next class in the next promotional examination. He/she will have to be withdrawn from the school

If any student’s performance is not satisfactory and in spite of our all effort there is no any improvement he may be advised to be taken out of the school.

For withdrawal of the child parents/guardians must apply in written at least one month in advance else all the fees chargeable in the next month shall be realized. If any guardian is willing to withdraw their child from next session he must apply for T.C. in March only.

T.C. shall be issued against written request and payment of T.C. charges of Rs.200.00 and all other dues if any after one week of such request

If any parent /guardian need counter signed T.C. from the Board it will be sent to the board for the same by registered post at the parent’s/guardian’s cost or they may approach the Board office themselves for the same.

If your child need any special medical care it must be informed in written to the principal.

In case of any medical or any other emergency school shall inform the guardian on the telephone number recorded in the school record, if that phone number is not working or not reachable at that time; school shall take suitable measure possible in that situation at the guardian’s cost.

School shall not be responsible if any injury occurred during game or playing of the children.

If any problems arise due to misbehaviour or misconduct of the child or the Parents/Guardians, such student may be expelled from the school.


a. Non-payment of school dues

b. Using unfair means in any examination/test

c. Conduct of Parents/Guardians/Student harmful to other student(s), teacher, staff or School.

d. Immorality

e. Stealing, extortion of money or items from other student(s).

f. Damaging school property, assaulting and ragging in any form.

g. Inappropriate or offensive behaviour/action of the Parents/Guardians/Student.

The School reserves the right to add / to delete / to amend the rules & regulations

These rules may be repetition/in addition/ or continuation of those given in the prospectus. All the rules given in Prospectus, mentioned in this declaration or circulated time to time must be followed strictly.