Welcome To Endorsement

I have read all/ the Rules and Regulations of the School laid down in this Diary and I am happy to co-operate with the Vidyalaya to see the Rules formed in the interest of my ward ....... studying in class.......... House...are followed in letter and spirit. I shall regularly check of my ward's calendar and will take necessary remedial steps to be conversant with all the rules of the school.

Date :

Parents / Guardians must personally visit the school to receive the report Cards and meet the teacher to discuss their ward's progress. Parents who do not do so, there by indicate their disinterest in their ward's progress. Information regarding dates of the issue of Report Cards will be given to the Parents / Guardians well in advance. Report Cards will not be handed over to the student under any circumstances.

Gifts to members of the school staff or other expressions in their honour is not allowed except with permission of the principal or those authorized.

Fine will be imposed by the principal! or those authorized for irregularity, indiscipline, or any damage caused to school property.


We expect all students :-

(a) To be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the school and to be honest and truthful.

(b) To wish your Parents, Teachers and those you ought to wish everyday whenever and wherever you meet.

(c) Children should be punctual for daily assembly. Children taking part in the prayer should come to school at least 10 minutes before the bell rings.

(d) To respect your own property, that of the school and also property belonging to others. If a student finds anything belonging to the school or students, it should be deposited at the reception.