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Welcome To Admission

All student applying for admission are asked to sit for an admission test which comprises a written examination. No specific syllabus is prescribed for the admission test but a candidate must have and acceptable knowledge of the subject appropriate for the class lower than that in which he/she desire admission, perticularly in English and Mathmatics.

Admission is made strictly on the performance of the candidate in the admission test and not on the basis of marks obtained elsewhere. Any effort to seek admission through recommendation will injure rather than help the consideration to be given to the said candidate. canvassing through any member of the school staff shall be automatically regarded as a disqualification for admission to the school.

Admission can be finalized only after submission of a Transfer certificate(T.C's from out of U.P. must be countersigned by the education authorities of the respective State.)


Every student is expected to be on time daily for the school assembly before the commencement of class.

No student who is late or has been absent on the previos day may be admitted to the class without permission of the principle or those authorized by the principal. Absence must be explained in a note on the page provided for absence up to 3 days only. Failure to do so may result in the student being sent home.

In case of absence for more than three continuous days a leave application must be submitted to the principal.

Any student returning to school after an infectious disease, or illness in excess of five consecutive days, should produce a registered Doctor's certificate permitting him/her to attend class.

All students are expected to attend class on the closing day before and also on the opening day after each vacation. The names of those children who fail to do so or who do not return with in three days of the re-opening after each vacation, are liable to be automatically removed from the rolls. Re-admission will be taken only if there is a vacancy at the time.

A student should have at least a minimum 80% working days attendance per term.


Any student who is over-age according to the school's norm or is considered to have failed to qualify academically at the end of the academic year, may be required to leave the school.